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Too Much Money?

God has so many ways to let you know when you've got way too much money. Here is just one of them:

No offense intended towards women, pantyhose-wearing males, Rubenesque folks or anyone else.

You see, money is one life's grand illusions. Death and time are the other two. The illusions don't stop at the mere three grand ones, there are are a host of others: fear, greed, jealousy and all other feelings one might consider "negative".

I used to think that money was a symbol of abundance, the more you had the more abundant you were. Too late in life I have come to realize that this is a great fallacy. I have since learned that money is a symbol of scarcity, it was invented because we needed something scarce with which to trade. If something is abundant, it is unsuitable as a means of exchange since everyone can all they want.

On the other hand, we all have been born abundant, all of our needs have been provided. As babies, we had all the air to breathe, all the mother's milk to sustain us, all the water to hydrate us. Babies have no need for money. As we grew up we started wanting stuff and to get stuff, one needs money. Thus we talked ourselves out of abundance, which is our natural state, and into scarcity.

Scarcity itself is an illusion. The secret of abundance is not to have more but to want less. When we idolize money, the symbol of scarcity, we give up the power over our lives to those who control the money: the banksters (and the worst kind of them all, the central banksters) and the moneyed few.

There will always be those who have more money than you. By idolizing money, you subjugate yourself to those who have more. In truth, you are just as good, just as worthy, just as deserving, just as precious as those who have much more money. Do not think for a moment that they are happier than you are, better than you, or more worthy. They just have more scarcity than you.

As if by magic, as soon as I internalized these truths and began living my life accordingly, I had everything I needed or ever wanted. I owned (paid cash for) a brand new Mercedes S500, lived in a multi-million dollar mansion and did not have to pay attention to the price of things I bought. Really. I gave away so much money that I could not keep track of it and made even more. As Deepak Chopra says, "with effortless ease".

No, I don't want you to donate money to me. You will, however begin to experience your abundance once you "get it" that you have enough and more importantly, that you are enough. Give help to those who really need it, not institutions but to people who impress you, inspire you and touch your heart. Make sure you give anonymously. You may have gathered that I travel a great deal. When I stay in hotel rooms, I always leave some money on the desk or table for the maid who cleans my room. They are hard working people, often unrecognized and unrewarded.

Live abundantly. Want less, give more. Always wear a smile and offer an encouraging word. Recognize when someone has added value to your life.