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Bread and Circuses (Politics)

The title phrase, originally panem et circenses in Latin, was first coined by the Roman poet Juvenal around 100 AD. He used the metaphor to depict the Roman populace's only remaining concerns amidst its widespread apathy and ignorance of the once great nation's birthright and politics.

As I reflected on the 2012 Presidential race after watching the last Iowa GOP debate, it came to mind that the bread has been scarce but circuses abundant.

Political rhetorics aside, it is quite amusing to watch the GOP contenders compete with one another on who is most consistent conservative. If that was the sole criterion, Ron Paul would have already won. No one can compete with Dr. Paul on consistency.

As for the Democrats, is there not a single person in the entire Democratic Party who thinks that they might be able to do a better job than President Obama? You could randomly pick a senior from any high school in the land I am sure they would be no worse as president.

I came across this short video about Dr. Paul's foreign policy of non-intervention. I think it is well worth watching.